Hump Day Hottie: Nadine Coyle


Editors Note: Before we get started, I decided to write this entire post in a Boston accent since its St. Pattys Day.  Why?  Because SoCalShredder and myself think typing things in a Boston accent is both hilarious and awesome.  Enjoy.

Oh. My. Gawd.  This week’s Hump Day Hottie comes to us from across the pond.  It is none othah than the 24 yeah old pop singah Nadine Coyle from the UK band Geahrls Aloud.  Personally I have nevah heahd one note of their music but judging by the pictuahs of these smokies I would say I am a fan.  We decided that this St. Patrick’s Day we would give you’s some Irish eye candy.  Nadine was born in Northahn Irahland and became part of her all geahrls pop group after winning a show called Popstahs: The Rivals.  For us Yankees, I am assuming that is something similah to Making the Band or American Idohl.  She has been drastically ovahlooked because one of her othah band mates has been getting all the attention.  Cheryl Cole, soon to be ex wife of soccah supahstah Ashley Cole is also in the group.  Well move the F over Cheryl, it’s time for people to take notice of Nadine.  If you have evah read any of my Hump Day Hottie posts, then you know I love a geahrl with an accent.  Make suah to watch the video below and listen to this Irish beauty.  I could easily listen to heah read me the classifieds in the newspapah foah houahs.  Congrats to you Nadine on becoming the Hump Day Hottie on this St. Patrick’s Day!  Big thanks to AB, Zwilly’s smoke face geahrlfriend, for hunting down this tastie for us.  More pics of Nadine aftah the jump!

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[youtube id=J6y27hg5kDM ]

The guys on this show are major tools so try to focus on Nadine and her sexy accent.

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