Hump Day Hottie: Melanie Kannokada

This week’s Hump Day Hottie should have her picture next to the definition of “smokeface” in the dictionary. If that were the case, there would be no need for an actual definition.  I was first introduced to Melanie Kannokada on the most recent episode of Rules of Engagement where she played Timmy’s (Adhir Kalyan)* sister Simran.  According to her website, this was her first large roll after deciding to leave the corporate world to pursue her dream…Thank God she did that.  Melanie has also been chosen as the face of the Crocs upcoming Fall 2011 global campaign.  Not a shabby gig.  She is definitely no slouch either.  She has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford and a 2nd degree black belt.  Congrats to Melanie on being named this week’s Hump Day Hottie.  Keep up the good work and I am sure I am not alone when I say we can’t wait to see more of you.  Follow Melanie on Twitter and Facebook too!

*A previous version of this article listed Melanie as David Spade’s sister when in fact it was Timmy. Honest mistake.  Thanks to the commentor for calling me a dumbass and making me fix it.

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