Hump Day Hottie: Melanie Iglesias

melanie-iglesias-7I should really start paying @Seef24.  He has come up with numerous Hump Day Hotties for us and he hit another homerun this week with Melanie Iglesias.  Melanie was named Maxim’s 2010 Hometown Hottie and I get the feeling she made all the other girls look a touch ugly.  She is from New York City and from what I have read, she is a singer and songwriter.  Nothin’ sexier than a babe with pipes, amiright?  According to Maxim, she held her first job at a pizzeria.  Guess who else did the same thing?  This guy.  We are already compatable!  Ms. Iglesias is obviously a smokeface and I got carried away so instead of the usual 8 or so pictures, I am presenting you with 18.  You’re welcome.  Simply put, Melanie is a quintesstial babe and I think it goes without saying that we have our first contender for Hump Day Hottie of the Year for 2011.  Congrats to Melanie on being named this week’s HDH, wear the crown proud. 


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