Hump Day Hottie: Marley Shelton

While writing the last article about how much of a douche bag Dwyane Wade is and how stupid his glasses are, I drew a comparison to that of one Michael “Squints” Palledorous.  Obviously Squints wore glasses similar to Squints, but what was not so similar, as I pointed out, was that Squints had the ability to close.  I know you remember when Squints pulled the fake drowning at the pool to make out with the hottie life guard, Wendy Peffercorn.  Well after digging up that old memory, I decided to look up Wendy and see how time has treated her.

Answer: Very well.

Marley Shelton just recently turned 38 and has two daughters and from what I have seen, still looks like that hottie lifeguard that “saved” Squints’ life.  She has continued to act since The Sandlot with her most recent credit being Scream 4.  If you aren’t looking for Marley specifically in her work after The Sandlot, you may have not made the connection.  I encourage you to get reaquainted with her so you can spot her in the future!  Check out the gallery below and check out her website for even more pictures.

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