Hump Day Hottie: Marissa Caprielian


This weeks Hump Day Hottie nails 2 of the characteristics we look for most.

1.) You have to be a smoke face…Check

2.) If you possess a name that is hard to pronounce or cannot be pronounced at all, you get bonus points…Check

For those of you who are avid Entourage fans, you may remember Marissa here from this season’s episode Buzzed where she is being interviewed for a job by Turtle for his company, LimHos.  She tells Turtle she has done some acting and when he asked if there was anything he might have seen her in, she replies “I f****d David Duchovny in Californication”.  Californication is an awesome show and I would have hired her on the spot.  Also, big ups for HBO for giving a Showtime show a shoutout.  All I can hope is that Turtle has enough brains in his head and his pants to hire this girl because I know I can speak for Thunder Nation when I say we would love to see her in more episodes.  Congrats to Marissa and you can enjoy more pics after the jump..








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