Hump Day Hottie: Madison Murray

This week’s mid week special is the smoke show that was with the Biebs back when he got popped for a DUI in Miami. Whether or not he actually got charged, or what actually happened with all of that, I don’t know. I also don’t care. I’m not here to talk about Justin Bieber. I’m here to introduce you to some talented Instagrammer Madison Murray.

Madison Murray is a model and according to her social media bios, she spends her time between New York City, Miami and Tampa. Also, according to her social media accounts, she rarely wears anything but a bikini or sorts.

Fine by us.

Below are the 25 best photos I found on her Instagram account. I didn’t go through all 800+ pics, I’ll leave that to you. I’m sure you’ll knock that out in no time.

Be sure to follow Madison on Instagram and Twitter and learn/see more about her at her website

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