Hump Day Hottie: Liz Vassey



This week’s Hump Day Hottie is leaning towards the cougar persuasion.  At the advice of our good friend, the Donk, we have Liz Vassey.  I had never heard of Liz so obviously I was eager to learn something about a new unknown smokie.  Upon further inspection (i.e. Google Images) I found that not only did I know who she was but that yes, indeed, she was a hottie.  I am not good with names but a face I never forget.  Liz was born in North Carolina almost 38 years ago and in a couple short years you can bet she will be entering Cougar Madness as one of the top seeds.  She is best known for her role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigators as Wendy Simms.  Also she was in 2005’s Man of the House opposite Tommy Lee Jones.  Also in Man of the House?  Hump Day Hottie alum Paula Garces.  Congrats to Liz for being named the new HDH.  Enjoy more pics after the jump…








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