Hump Day Hottie: Lauren Hanley

When someone sends me a suggestion for a Hump Day Hottie, it makes my job a lot easier and there is nothing I love more than smooth sailing.  This weeks Hump Day Hottie was graciously suggested to us by none other than our good buddy @Seef24.  Seef is one of the more experienced creeps on Twitter, so odds are if he is telling me to check someone out, I had better check them out in a hurry.

Without further ado, this weeks Hump Day Hottie is Florida State Univeristy alum Lauren Hanley.  That’s right, MOVE OVER Jenn Sterger, no one cares that you blocked us on Twitter. You’re old news and Brent Musburger doesn’t even like you anymore. After a bit of searching, I found and article on where they give a bit of background on this lil smokeface hottie.

Lauren Hanley appreciates a sunny climate. The 20-year-old from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. recently moved from Florida to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and acting.We assume producers and photographers will be pursuing her soon.

A former Florida State University coed, Hanley loves working out, hiking and going to the beach. Her current obsessions are sushi and “The Walking Dead.” We think she’d make a downright sexy “walker” on that show. Hell, the other zombies might stop chasing people just to try to get her number.

You’ll be seeing more of Hanley. Just follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

See what I mean about making my job easier?

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Thanks to COED and Guy Speed for help with the pics!

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