Hump Day Hottie: Lana Parrilla


A guest post for this week’s HDH, as Dilo is currently on a journey to see how many miles he can put on his car in one day of driving around Las Vegas.  This slice of smokeface pie comes to us from the upcoming show Miami Medical.  Lana Parrilla is probably more familiar to the thunder readers from a couple episodes of the laughably horrible show Lost.  I wasn’t dumb enough to get hooked by that show, but I did remember her from a couple episodes of 24.  She stars in the new Jerry Bruckheimer drama Miami Medical which means only one thing, it’s bound to run on CBS forever.  Lana also qualifies for HDH as I have no chance of pronouncing the Puerto Rican Princess’ last name.  Fun Wikipedia fact – Lana’s dad played baseball for the Phillies in the early 70’s.  So let’s all give a big Thunder Clap to Lana on becoming this weeks Hump Day Hottie – we look forward to seeing more of you….photos after the jump.



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