Hump Day Hottie: Kira Krakovesky

Let me start by saying this week’s Hump Day Hottie was brought to my attention by the fine gentleman of They know their shit and I’m not above giving credit where credit is due…unlike some other sites, but I digress…

Kira Krakovesky, by looking at her social media presence, seems to be able to keep herself extremely busy. She is a relatively unknown model/singer/songwriter/actress who rocks out from New York City and Los Angeles just like any other smoke face.


She’s originally from Pennsylvania and with Thunder Treats headquarters just a few miles from the Ohio/PA line, we’ll just go ahead and call her a home town hottie, cool?

Other than those tidbits about Kira, I can’t really tell you anything else except for two things.

1.) She reminds me of Megan Fox and that is a very good thing.
2.) You should probably follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and check out her Blog.

Enjoy the gallery below and check out her music video as well!

[nggallery id = 181]


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