Hump Day Hottie: Katie Cleary


This weeks Hump Day Hottie is a virtual unknown.  I can almost bet most of you have no idea who Katie Cleary is or where you may have seen her.  Well relax Thunder Nation, I’m here to help get you hip on Ms. Cleary.  Katie is 28 years old and grew up in Chicago.  In 2004 after college graduation, she enrolled in some acting classes and starting going to auditions and such.  She did this all well working as a real estate broker too.  Becoming an actress is something that she has always wanted and she credits her mother for giving her the strength and confidence to reach her goals.  You may have seen this smokey pie in the first season of America’s Top Model or maybe you recognize her as one of the girls from Deal or No Deal.  I myself remember Katie from her episodes of Rules of Engagement (which comes back March 1), where she played Jennifer’s bridesmaid.  Other work includes minor roles in The Break Up and The Lake House.  She was on a couple episodes of CSI: NY as well.  Congrats to Ms. Cleary and we hope to see you more in 2010!  Enjoy more Katie after the jump…







[youtube id=Z6llN3f1LSk ]

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