Hump Day Hottie: Julianna Guill

This week's missile twister is Julianna Guill.  Hold on to your asses boys, because we got a southern belle on our hands.  Julianna is 23 years old and was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I hope that she is fan of the Tar Heels over the Dukies.  If she has fallen for the Blue Devils then I would have to knock her down 2 spots on the hot scale.  No worries, Julianna, that would still leave you at 10.  Ms. Guill has made numerous television appearances including parts on the CSI's, One Tree Hill, 90210 and a Thunder Treats favorite, How I Met Your Mother.  Julianna also played the part of Bree in 2009's Friday the 13th.  If you are unclear as to what part she played, just google "Julianna Guill Friday the 13th" (NSFW).  Most recently though, you can find Julianna on the hilariously funny Glory Daze on TBS on Tuesday nights at 10 pm.  If you haven't caught Glory Daze yet, then I suggest you add it to your DVR lineup immediately.  Big congrats to Julianna on being named this weeks Hump Day Hottie!  Enjoy more pics after the jump…


Also check out Julianna's webpage for more pictures, video and information!






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