Hump Day Hottie: Jennifer Walcott

jennifer-walcott-9This weeks Hump Day Hottie comes from the very hometown of the creators of Thunder Treats.  Good old Youngstown, Ohio!  Rust Belt, USA used to be a boom town but after the steel mills shut down it went on a steady decline.  For now though, the city is doing everything in its power to rebuild itself, no matter what naysayers, aka Dennis Dodd, think.  Jennifer Walcott is a Youngstown native and the pictures are evidence that Youngstown can export more than just steel.  After graduating from high school, Jennifer decided to skip town to the left coast and settled in LA.  Eventually, in 2000/2001 she decided to become a model and was discovered while working a Playboy event as a make-up artist.  Since then she has been in countless magazines included being named Playmate of the Month for August 2001.  She is married to NFL safety Adam Archuleta and is of Italian, Irish and Polish descent…which tells me three things…she’s hot, she can drink and she can’t tie her shoes. Ohhhh snap.  Thanks to @Seef24 for his selection of the HDH and congrats to Jennifer!  Enjoy more after the jump!


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