Hump Day Hottie: Helen Owen

You’re gonna love this week’s Hump Day Hottie. Helen Owen is a smoke show from NorCal who is in college and wears the absolute shit out of a bikini.

I think.

At least that’s what I got from her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The former has recently crossed the 150,000 follower mark proving to us all once again that if you can wear a bikini and take a selfie, you’re going to be just fine in this World.

It seems as though Helen has a good sense of humor and likes sports, too. Again, just guesses.

Helen, if you read this and want to do an interview to clear the air, let me know.

The rest of you, go ahead and peruse the gallery I’ve put together from her Instagram account. Enjoy and make you follow her on Twitter too.

And me.

But mostly her.

[nggallery id = 193]

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