Hump Day Hottie: Hannah Simone

hannah-simone-2I am a TV junkie.  Since it is currently the time of year for season premiers, my DVR hard drive is getting a workout.  I’m talking 30+ shows per week.  If it is a sit-com, I’ll give it a shot.  Thank God I did because when I scheduled Fox’s new show New Girl to record, I thought I was going to be treated to 22 minutes of Zooey Deschanel but got an added bonus when I was introduced to Hannah Simone.  Hannah was born in London, England and has lived numerous places throughout her life.  She has earned 2 Bachelors degrees, one in International Relations & Political Science and the other in Radio & Television Arts.  She was previously a VJ for Canada’s version of MTV, MuchMusic.  She left MuchMusic in 2008 to move to Los Angeles where she became host of the SyFy Channel’s game tournament/reality show WCG Ultimate Gamer for 2 seasons.  Currently, you can catch her on New Girl on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox!


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