Hump Day Hottie: Emma Frain

This weeks Hump Day Hottie, surprise surprise, comes to us from the UK.  Hey, it’s not my fault the women there are smokeshows!  If you want to see more women from the USofA then do your due dilligence and send me a friggin’ email with your nomination!  Anyway, this weeks Hump Day Hottie is 25 year-old Emma Frain.  From what I gathered from the Google machine, it appears that Ms. Frain has a chronic problem with keeping her shirt on.


I don’t know much about her but here is her bio per my favorite publication, Nuts (NSFW).

Blue-eyed Emma was born in 1987 in Newcastle-under-Lyme (not where Cheryl Cole comes from, the other Newcastle) and always wanted to be a professional dancer due to her training in ballet, disco hip-hop and tap dancing. Unfortunately for Emma she had to give this up when she injured her hamstring and, fortunately for us, she decided on a career making sexy videos and taking naked pictures for Nuts. But her dancing days aren’t completely over because she still likes to keep fit in her pole dancing classes, meaning she probably has the strongest legs of all our Nuts girls.

Are you in love yet? Stupid question.  Of course you are.  Head on over to Emma’s Twitter page and confess your undying love for her.  While you’re there, make sure to congratulate her on being named this weeks Hump Day Hottie!  Assuming you haven’t left yet, enjoy the picture gallery of Emma below.

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