Hump Day Hottie: Elle Liberachi

elle-liberachi-88This week’s most honorable babe is Elle Liberachi.  Before today, I only knew of one Liberachi and I am fairly certain he would not be interested in Elle as much as we are.  I have never heard nor seen of Elle Liberachi before posting this and I pray that I am not late to the party on this.  If I am late and everyone already knows her, then shame on you for not pointing her out to me earlier.  Elle is a British model and is of French-Italian descent…shwing.  Her modeling career keeps her bouncing around the Europe, USA and her hometown of London.  She has also graced the pages of Maxim UK.  Psst, Maxim US…you need to get on this right MEOW!  Congrats to Elle on being named this week’s Hump Day Hottie…Have fun being hot.


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