Hump Day Hottie: Beth Humphreys

I love the United Kingdom and I don’t care who knows it.  Odds are, though, if you visit this site often for the Hump Day Hottie, you already knew that.  This weeks Hump Day Hottie comes to us from, well, you already know.  Beth Humphreys is a little thing that makes scientists wonder how she doesn’t tip right over.

I first fell in like with Beth when she referred to Justin Bieber as a “pussy-boy” because any woman that can see through that douche nugget deserves my heart.  Also, at just 19 years-old you can trust her instincts on the Biebs.

Beth started out in college majoring in Chemistry…How many of you just pictured her in nerdy glasses wearing a lab coat? Me too.  She is now in economics and finance.  Smart and sexy.  Sign me up.

Congrats to Beth on being named this weeks HDH! Thanks to @MentalityMag for the suggestion and for help with the pictorial.  Follow Beth on Twitter and Instagram for more pictures and news!

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