Hump Day Hottie: Anonymous

stunna-8Last weekend, I had the pleasure of taking in Las Vegas for a bachelor party with a bunch of my bros.  On Friday, we rose early and had some tequila breakfast before we headed to the MGM’s Wet Republic pool.  We had a cabana with a hostess who looked as if she stepped out of a Maxim magazine.  With the upper fronts she was carrying, it is a wonder that she didn’t tip over.  To our surprise, it was Round 6 of the Spy On Vegas Hot 100 Bikini Contest.  The winner of said contest is our Hump Day Hottie this week.  I can’t seem to find her name anywhere so we are going to have to refer to her as the Anonymous HDH…or, as suggested by SoCalShredder, Numba 1 Stunna.  She may not have been the hottest babe in the contest but she was definitely wearing the least amount of fabric.  I have to lean towards the NSFW tag on this hottie.  If any of you know the name of this stunna, be sure to let us know so we can credit her properly.  Enjoy.


Photo credit to Spy On Vegas

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