Hump Day Hottie: Andreea Mantea

Andreea Mantea is your Hump Day Hottie this week! That is about the extent of what I knew about Andreea when I found her on Mentality Magazine.  Using my skills on the Google machine, I now know that Andreea is from Romania and may or may not be a television host of some kind.  In addition to being a TV host (maybe), she also does modeling.  One thing we can say for sure is that she can wear the absolute hell out of a bikini.

After some searching a bit more, I found that Andreea Mantea (Kerimli) is a 26 year old model who has been all over the Romanian Playboy Magazine.  In addition to Playboy, she has also been on the covers of Maxim, Fanatik and Vogue in Bucharest which is also her birthplace.When she was just 20 years old she met, and married, Mioara Mandea. He is a geophysicist. So, in addition to being smarter than you and probably making more money than you, his wife is also hotter than yours.**

Enjoy the pictures below and be sure to follow Andreea , Us and Mentality Magazine!

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**If your wife is hotter, I dare you to send us pictures to make her the next Hump Day Hottie. You won’t do it.


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