Hump Day Hottie: Amber Lancaster



I owe everyone an apology.  I did not post a Hump Day Dump or a Hump Day Hottie last week and the only excuse I have is that I had to work.  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t let work get in the way of your viewing pleasure and I will do my best in the future to not let that happen.  Since I didn’t give you an HDH last week, I figured this week’s better be doubly hot right?  Enter Amber Lancaster.  Amber is a former Maxim Home Town Hottie and she can be seen on the new MTV show The Hard Time of RJ Berger.  I watched two of the episodes for the sole reason of seeing Amber.  From what I gather this RJ Berger kid is a dork that has a dick like a kickstand.  Good for him.  Amber plays the school heart throb Jenny Swanson.  Obviously Amber takes care of herself because she turns 30 this year and she is portraying, very well I might add, an 18 year old hottie.  Amber got her start dancing for the Seattle Seahawks when she was only 18.  She continued to dance for them for 5 seasons.  Since then we have seen Amber in Thunder Treats favorites Entourage and Friday Night Lights, among others.  Enjoy some pics of Amber after the jump and be sure to check out the video interview too…








[youtube id=lPMk1czCtcQ ]



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