Hump Day Hottie: Alice Greczyn

Though it will be very hard to live up to the Hump Day Hottie bar that Nicky Whelan set last week, we promise to try to do our best.  This week’s mid week smokey is Alice Greczyn.  Alice is about to turn 24 here in a couple weeks, so we would like to extend a Happy Birthday to her and offer this Hump Day Hottie award as an early present.  You may have seen Alice is such TV shows as Windfall, Lincoln Heights or Privileged.  If you’re like me, then you noticed Alice in the movie Sex Drive as the Amish girl Mary.  She got her start on her career when she was approached by a talent agent while in her hometown in Colorado.  Since then she has relocated to Hollywood to focus on her career.


For us at Thunder Treats, we have said time and time again that there are always a few characteristics that can set a girl apart from others.  Alice definitely has at least 2 of them.  Number 1, we can’t pronounce her last name.  That makes her an obvious hottie.  Kaley Cuoco and Emmanuelle Chriqui are good examples.   The second one would be that she has an old school first name.  Her name falls along the lines of a Karen, Debbie, Nancy or a Stacy.  No matter what her name is though we can all agree that she a fine addition to the Hump Day Hottie catalog.  Congrats Alice and Happy early Birthday too.  Enjoy more of Alice after the jump…

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