Hump Day Hottie: Adrianne Palicki

This weeks Mericoles Mamacita is Adrianne Palicki. She may be better known as Tyra Collete from Friday Night Lights. That’s right, there is more to Friday Night Lights than the absolutely smokey Minka Kelly. Don’t get me wrong, Minka could have been the HDH, but we like to expose the babes that are more under the radar and aren’t getting their rightful attention. And besides, Minka isn’t having a probelm with face time thanks to Jimmy Traina and Hot Clicks. I selected Adrianne this week because we have started watching the seasons of Friday Night Lights, beginning with season 1, just to get prepared for the October 28th premier (DirecTV only). She is originally from Toledo, Ohio, which also helped her get selected seeing as how every author from Thunder Treats is originally from the Buckeye state. She moved out to LA after graduating high school to pursue acting and the rest, as they say, is history. Hat tip to Ms. Palicki for being named this weeks Hump Day Hottie.

Oh, Adrianne, I still haven’t heard back from Jana Kramer about a date, so I’m moving the offer to you…just throwing that out there…call me. More Adrianne after the jump!

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