Here’s 40 Pictures of Jenny McCarthy to Celebrate Her 40th Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday to Jenny McCarthy!  Any man in his mid to late 20’s can agree that Jenny was* the quintessential blond bombshell of our time.  From her days at MTV’s Singled Out til now, Jenny has never disappointed us in the least bit.  Recently, she talked to People Magazine and told them that she doesn’t feel old (certainly doesn’t look it either) and that she feels that 40 is the new 22.  We couldn’t agree more.

I want to now congratulate Jenny on this momentous occasion.  Yes, of course it is her day of birth, but also she is now joining the pantheon of Hollywood Cougars who will be all vie for the crown of Cougar Madness Champion come April!  That’s right ladies, not only has Sofia Vergara turned 40 this year, but Jenny McCarthy has too!  I must say, I feel really bad for Jennifer Aniston.  She was having the hardest time getting to the championship and now it seems her dream (I’m assuming it’s a dream of hers) of winning the tournament may be just that…a dream.

ANYWAYS, below is a 40 picture gallery of Jenny throughout the years to commemorate her big day!  Enjoy and Happy Birthday again to everyone’s biggest crush!

[nggallery id = 40]


*STILL is the quintessential blond bombshell in my book!

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