Hump Day Hotties: Your #1 Seeds for The 2010 Cougar Madness Tournament


It has been a long time coming.  We have waited a year to get back to this point.  We are very excited to get the 2nd Annual Thunder Treats Cougar Madness underway.  Even though our selections won’t be finalized until Sunday we thought we would give you guys a taste of what is in store for this year.  We are introducing you to the four #1 seeds in this year’s tournament early to peak your interest.  We have spent many hours going through possible candidates and came up with a list of almost 100 women that met the criteria.  The criteria is pretty simple.

1.       You must be hot.

2.       You must be over 40 years of age by selection Sunday.

We have finally gotten the list down to the top 64 women and we have seeded them accordingly.  I will get more into the details when the Cougar Bracket goes up on late Sunday Evening.  For now, let these four tasties wet your Cougar Madness Palette…

#1 Seed in Midwest Region: Halle Berry 

Halle Berry was also a #1 seed last year in the inaugural Cougar Madness and we thought there was absolutely no way to justify leaving her off the top spot this year.  Halle turned 43 this year and seems to be getting hotter.  This is a trait that most of the contestants of Cougar Madness possess.  Although hot, Halle is going to have tough competition on her side of the bracket.

hb1    hb2      hb3    hb4

#1 Seed in West Region: Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer also was a #1 seed last year and by looking at her pictures, she completely deserves the nod again this year.  Jen is now 41 years young and continues to impress the Thunder Treats staff by staying away from the “negative” media.  In other words, she actually seems genuine and doesn’t hoe herself out or cram mass amounts of drugs into her body.  Also, since both women were number 1’s last year, we decided they belong on the same side of the bracket so, if it comes down to it, they will go head to head.

ja1    ja2    ja3    ja4

#1 Seed in East Region: Catherine Bell

Catherine is a new comer to the Cougar Madness Tournament and she is coming in making waves.  She came out of nowhere to take over the #1 Seed in the East region.  Thunder Treats first took notice of Catherine when she earned Hump Day Hottie honors back in November and she stole our hearts.  Though this is her first Tournament she will be looking for the sweep in the region.  There are more than a couple speed bumps that will slow her down though.

cb1    cbe2    cbe3    cbe4

#1 Seed in South Region: Heather Graham

Heather is new to the 40 year old scene having just turned in late January.  Heather captivated some with her performance in Austin Powers and Scrubs but it wasn’t until we saw her in The Hangover that we knew Heather was destined for Numero Uno.  Heather might enjoy being number 1 but she won’t for very long.  At the bottom of her bracket is a name that would strike fear into any Cougar in this year’s tournament…

hg5    hg6    hg4    hg2

So there you have it.  Enjoy all of your #1 seeds and please be sure to check back on Monday, March 15th for all 64 Cougars and to print out your bracket!

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