Happy Birthday to Tiffani Thiessen

If you are a male and between the ages of 27 and 33, odds are you had, or currently have, a crush on Tiffani Thiessen.  Count me in on the latter half.  From the early days of Saved By the Bell, Kelly Kapowski had all the young boys hearts.  Moving on with her career to Beverly Hills 90210, she remained smoking hot.  Now Tiffani can be seen on USA’s White Collar or chasing after her two year old daughter, Harper.

Recently, she did a photo shoot with Esquire Magazine called “Me in My Place”.  If there was any question whether or not Tiffani still had “it”, they were laid to rest after seeing this photo shoot.  Any red blooded woman would love to look the way Thiessen does at 39 and having had a kid and full time career.  Some of the pictures, but not all, can be seen in the gallery below.

Happy Birthday to you, Tiffani.  Even though you dumped Zach and went with the cool college guy Jeff for a bit, we still love you.  Also, I know your not probably not looking forward to 40, but we sure.  Why? Two words.

Cougar. Madness.

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