Don't call it a comeback! Jennifer Love Hewitt was a smokeshow at the Twilight premiere

Jennifer-love-hewitt-5I’m not even going to pretend I have the slightest idea what Twilight movie Jennifer Love Hewitt was at Monday night, but holy shit does she have my attention now!  Earlier today, our good buddy BobsBlitz posted some images from the premiere where he pointed to Ashley Tisdale as the main attraction.  Though I agree she is hot in her own right, JHL really brought the thunder.

Bob tweeted out the link and I immediately navigated over to check it out.  When I retweeted it, I mentioned that Jennifer Love Hewitt was “back”.  Well then our other buddy Jerod at got on the JHL train and it was quickly clear to anyone following BobsBlitz, Jerod and myself that we were taking it upon ourselves to make everyone aware that Jennifer Love Hewitt had re-arrived.

Since they have already done their part, I thought it was only proper that I do my part as well.  Enjoy the gallery below!

Oh, and Jennifer, since I know you are going to read this…why not show your support team some love?  We’ll wait…


H/T to The Blemish for the great pics from the evening

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