Cougar Madness: Midwest and West Region Preview


Now that we have Cougar Madness underway and you are all busy burning yourselves out trying to fill out your endless brackets from that other tournament, I thought it would be a good time to give you a preview of the regions of Cougar Madness.  There may be some names on here that you don’t recognize, I will put up some pictures and explain some of the matchups for you.  This post will cover a few of the interesting matchups we have from the Midwest and West regions.


berry   (1)  Halle Berry vs. (16) Kim Cattrall   kim-cattrall

Halle Berry is the quintessential smoke face and she deserves every bit of her #1 seeding.  Kim Cattrall has been doing her Sex and the City thing for quite sometime and one can only hope she portrays a shred of her character in real life.  Unfortunately for Kim, I would say that her time here will be short lived and she should get as many free warm up suits and t-shirts as she can.

   courteney-cox1   (3)  Courteney Cox vs. (14) Sandra Bullock   sandrabullockbeach

God bless Courteney Cox.  Think of her at the beginning The Longest Yard.  Go ahead, I’ll let that sink in…Plus, she is in a show called Cougar Town, enough said.  Sandra Bullock “wowed” people on the Red Carpet during the Oscars but she really didn’t impress me much.  She is older and I think her best days are behind her.  Sandra better be looking for the upset to get the attention of the selection committee so she is sure not to get overlooked next year.

daisy-fuentes-picture-1   (6)  Daisy Fuentes vs. (11) Melina Kanakaredes   melina-photo

This is one of the more intriguing matchups of this region.  This pits two very attractive women against each other in a showdown that no one can say for sure who will come out on top.  This is Daisy’s second time around with Cougar Madness but Melina Kanakaredes is a rookie.  However, do not let the rookie status fool you, Melina means business.


jennifer_aniston_vogue_pic_04   (1)  Jennifer Aniston vs. (16) Cheryl Ladd   cheryl-ladd-picture-1

The second of the two #1 seeds from last years Tournament finds herself on the same side of the bracket as her foe which could lead to a meeting for the ages in the Fantasy Four.  Jen Aniston has been smoking lately and every picture I see does nothing to dispute that.  Personally, I think Brad Pitt is a giant boner for leaving her.  As for Cheryl Ladd, she has really done much lately with her last work as Jillian Deline on television show Las Vegas.  Although out of the lime light for a while, Cheryl impressed the selection committee enough to garner one of the last spots available.

kristin-chenoweth   (2)  Kristin Chenoweth vs. (15) Marcia Cross   marciacross

Chenoweth came into 2009 as a number 1 seed and did not disappoint.  Unfortunately for her, some other women turned 40 this year and the field became cluttered with babes.  Kristin is a #2 seed that can be compared to West Virginia.  She has the resume for a #1 but was at the mercy of the selection committee.  Marcia Cross is best known for her role as Bree on Desperate Housewives.  Cross probably would like a crack at the second round but she is up against some serious odds.  This looks to be a breeze for Chenoweth.

heather   (8)  Heather Locklear vs. (9) Kate Walsh   katewalsh

This is a matchup that could go either way and would not be a disappointment to fans.  Heather may be the higher seed but both women are equally as hot.  Personally I would like to see Kate Walsh advance because there is something about this leggy red head that tells me has what it takes to go far in this tournament.  Either way it goes, one of these women will have their hands full as they will face the winner of Aniston/Ladd.

Tomorrow we will preview some of the interesting matchups we have from the East and South regions.  That side of the bracket should be interesting seeing as how there are two #1 seeds that are new to the Cougar Madness Tournament.

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