Cougar Madness: East and South Region Preview


Yesterday we got you up to date with a few of the key matchups in the Midwest and West regions.  Today we will do the same for the other side of the bracket as we go over the East and South regions.  Both of these regions are littered with babes of the cougar persuasion and have plenty of matchups that may leave you scratching your head while trying to fill your brackets.  Below we will go over a few key matchups from both regions with a little analysis on each.


catherine_bell   (1) Catherine Bell vs. (16) Maura Tierney   tierney

Catherine first came to Thunder Treats as one of our many Hump Day Hotties and we made a mental note to remember her during this time of year.  You may remember her from Bruce Almighty as news anchor Susan Ortega.  Catherine is one babe who is defying the age Gods.  Maura Tierney may be set up for failure with her 16 seed but she will no doubt put up a fight.  I remember her most from playing the part of Lynn, Rob Corddry’s wife and Woody Harrelsons love interest in Semi Pro.  She will be tough competition but I don’t see her breaking the 16 seed curse.

lucyliu   (2) Lucy Liu vs. (15) Julianne Moore   moore

Liu is back for her second go round in Cougar Madness.  This #2 seeding is going to have her coming out of the box with fury.  Liu landed a top seed in last years tournament so she is out to prove that she is still worthy of the one spot.  Julianne Moore was a late edition to the tournament as she was one of the lovely ladies that were on the bubble.  Though I do have a thing for red heads and freckles, Moore was unable to secure a higher seed in a tournament with no absence of beauty.  I look for Liu to take care of business as quite and painless as possible.

jane-krakowski   (6) Jane Krakowski vs. (11) Lori Loughlin   loughlin

Jane was a surprise to the selection committee when they found out she was 41.  We apologize for dropping the ball last year when she was early into her cougar ways.  Jane is best known as Jenna Maroney in NBC’s 30 Rock.  Lori Loughlin..ahem…Aunt Becky…is a special edition and one we really feel bad about leaving out last year.  Our good friends over at In Game Now pointed us out on our flaw and were less than pleased with us.  For this reason, I would like to see Loughlin pull a classic first round upset.


graham   (1) Heather Graham  vs. (16) Ellin Barkin   ellinbarkin

Heather Graham grabbed the selection committee by the shoulders and shook us as if we were Baby Carlos and we wouldn’t stop crying.  She was trying to tell us that she just turned 40 (January 28th) and she was ready to steam roll anyone who got in her way.  She is definitely the youngest #1 seed ever and she has a lot to prove.  You may remember her opponent, Ellin Barkin, as Sponder in Ocean’s 13.  If I’m not mistaken, she was referred to as a cougar in the film so even in theatrics, Barkin is a Coug.  True, Ellin had her driver’s learners permit when Graham was born but she will definitely be bringing her A game to what could be her last tournament bid.

mlp   (2) Mary Louise Parker  vs. (15) Nicollette Sheridan   sheridan

Mary Louise Parker stormed through last years Cougar Madness tournament and in the end she was the one cutting down the nets over Diane Lane.  Although a past champion, she received a 2 seed this year, which is more than we can say for last years actual NCAA Champion.  Her opponent will be Desperate Housewives Nicollette Sheridan.  Sheridan had a rather weak showing last year and will be out to prove something.  Unfortunately for her she has to go against the perennial power that is MLP.

juliebowen   (6) Julie Bowen  vs. (13) Terri Hatcher   hatcher

Bowen was a big surprise when we found out that she had made the cut for the tournament.  She is known as Claire Dunphy on the wildly popular ABC sitcom Modern Family.  Hat tip goes to Jimmy Traina for including her in his Lovely Lady of the Day piece and thus enlightening the selection committee.  Her matchup pits her against another ABC starlit in Terri Hatcher.  This makes 3 women from Desperate Housewives all contenders for the championship.  Think of Desperate Housewives as the power conference of this year’s tournament.

That does it for my pre tourney preview.  I hope I gave you guys a little insight to the brackets and I hope you are as pumped as we are for both Cougar Madness and the actual NCAA Tournament.  We will update the bracket to reflect the first round results sometime on Sunday.  For immediate updates, be sure to follow Thunder Treats on Twitter.

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