One Shining Cougar: Kristin Chenoweth

For those of you with the hangover from the National Championship game that just ended we have just what you need.  The 2010 Cougar Madness Champion Kristin Chenoweth should be able to take your mind off of that game.  Kristin swept through the tournament pretty quietly before dessimating her opponents in the final rounds.  Her very worthy competition, Liz Hurley, was just no match for Kristin this year.  Kristin pulled in an amazing 11,116 votes to Hurleys 3,313.  This matchup looks like how the matchup between Butler and Duke was supposed to be, a runaway.  Chenoweth was a number 1 seed last year but bowed out before the Fantasy Four and she obviously worked hard in the offseason.  Thunder Treats is proud to announce Kristin Chenoweth as the 2010 Cougar Madness Champion!





Kristin Chenoweth at American Country Awards





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