Cinderella 13 seed Eva La Rue takes down 1 seed J-Lo en route to first ever Erotic 8 berth

eva-la-rue-picture-1The Sexy 16 is in the books and we now have our 8 women who will come together to compete to get to the Fantasy Four.  After over 11,000 votes, we have some of the greats upsets in the history of Cougar Madness.

First, we need to talk about the 13 seed Eva La Rue who came out of nowhere to punish 1 seed Jennifer Lopez! She on won by 21 votes out of the 1,000+ cast for both of them, but winning is winning.  She has to thank Ohio University for their Cinderella run because without them advancing to the Sweet 16, she wouldn’t be in the Erotic 8 now!

Carla Gugino, a staple on the Cougar Madness brackets, took down the fresh 40 new comer and 1 seed, Christine Taylor.  I didn’t think this was going to be close, but as usual, Cougar Madness is full of surprises.  Carla managed to squeek by Taylor, winning by only 8 votes!

The next shocker is 4 seed Salma Hayek laying waste to another fresh 40 newcomer 1 seed, Brooke Burke.  I thought for sure Burke would breeze into the finals but Hayek thought differently. Out of the over 2,400 votes for these two, Hayek won by 32 votes!

I must say out of all of the voting, I am happiest to see Jennifer Aniston going strong.  She has been denied the championship in the past, even when she was the best Cougar out there.

Below is a gallery of the match-ups along with the updated bracket and voting results.  With exception to Liz Hurley, check out how close these match ups were!!

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