Anne Hathaway the new Catwoman?

anne-hathaway-4The smoking hot Anne Hathaway has been tapped to play the role of Selina Kyle in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. This was just part of a press release that was released by Warner Brothers. In the release, the director Christopher Nolan also announced that Tom Hardy will be playing the part of Bane in the franchises third installment.

Although Catwoman is not mentioned at all in the press release, it is widely expected that Hathaway’s role as Kyle will turn into the suited feline. Mainly because Nolan has openly admitted that these films will be the end of the Batman saga.

Dark Knight Rises is slated for a July 12, 2012 release.

Anyway, with thought this was a good reason for a little Anne Hathaway gallery.  She is gorgeous, that is usually reason enough…


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