Alyssa Milano Shows She Still Got It, Poses for Maxim

Alyssa Milano is 40 years old–reread that for literary intensity–and to say she still got it would be a true injustice.  Posing for Maxim’s July/August issue, Milano is rocking the cover in an open flannel that exposes the side boob that so many love.

Many of you reading this grew up with Samantha from Who’s the Boss.  The 80’s sitcom star has done an amazing job of staying in, or around, the limelight without actually going all Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes on us.

Currently, she is starring in ABC’s new drama Mistresses (Mondays, 10pm).  Also, if you’re a glutton for punishment, she can be seen on her UNICEF commercials whose only rival is Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commericals.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Alyssa Milano for seeding her as a 12 in 2013 Cougar Madness.  We now recognize our mistake and will keep that in mind during next year’s selection show.

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