A analytical breakdown of Maxim's 2011 Hot 100

whiteleyMaxim has come out with their annual Maxim Hot 100 list for 2011 and once again have given us 100 pieces of eye candy. Topping the list this year is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who will be taking the place of Megan Fox playing Shia LeBouf’s love interest in the upcoming Transformers. Oh ya, she is also a Victoria’s Secret model, which we are all fans of here. Bumped from the #1 spot a year ago to the #3 position is Katy Perry, which I think is only getting hotter so I don’t know how this could be.

Like any list, there will be critics. I am one of them, no doubt, but I will give these writers a big pat on the back. Making any list is a time consuming process, but when it has to do with women it becomes grueling work. I would know, try cutting 110 cougars to a field of 64 for Cougar Madness. It’s hard work, but somebodies gotta do it right?

Here is my breakdown of the Hot 100 list. According to their ranking, I will give you 10 of the most underrated as well as 10 of the most overrated women of this years list. As always, your input is welcome and encouraged but will ultimately be ignored. Ba-doom ching. Juuuuust kidding.

Most Overrated Women of the 2011 Hot 100

diazCameron Diaz #4 – She is hot, no doubt about it. But the only pictures I have seen of her lately are of her working out with A-Rod. I am all for a fit, limber babe but when her pipes are blazing when she isn’t even flexing? No thanks. Realistic ranking = 20-30

meesterLeighton Meester #16
– No. I know everyone thinks she is a babe and she is to a degree, but inside the top 20 is not where Meester should land. I am sorry but the girl has a forehead like a drive in movie theater. Let me put it this way, her co-star from The Roommate, Minka Kelly, was ranked 52. See my point? Realistic Ranking = 45-55

trachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg #27 – Michelle is a cute girl that I was first introdced to in Euro Trip. Cute? Yes. Hot? Debatable. Hotter than Arianny Celeste? F-No. Michelle got bumped a little too high and I think we will see her fall next year. Realistic Ranking = 60-70

kournikovaAnna Kournikova #19
– Anna is good looking. She was hot about 10 years ago when she was getting digi-fricked by Enrique Iglesias in his music videos. She most definitely deserves to be on this list, but not inside the top 20. Realistic Ranking = 40-50

swiftTaylor Swift #20
– America’s sweetheart. T-Swift is definitely a very attractive young woman but again, I ask you…Should she be ranked higher than Brooklyn Decker? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical. Realistic Ranking = 35-45

lohanLindsay Lohan #38 – Ok, you won’t find a bigger fan of LiLo than me. I have loved for as long as I can remember. With that said, I am also a realist. No one in their right mind is going to put this trainwreck before Naya Rivera (43) or Emmanuelle Chriqui (46). Realistic Ranking = 75-85

spearsBritney Spears #25
– Brit Brit kind of gets lumped with LiLo in this one. Sure, she has a new hit album and is going on tour with Nicki Minaj (75) but she also sounds like a 65 year old smoker, lip syncs her concerts and looks geriatric while she is dancing. She should be on this list and in front of LiLo, but not inside the top 50. Realistic Ranking = 65-75

micheleLea Michele #28 – This Gleek has been all over since the show became a hit. The controversial GQ spread might have been her best work though. Sadly, that isn’t enough for a top 30 nod. Yes she is a looker, but I would look harder at Dania Ramirez. Realistic Ranking = 35-45

bynesAmanda Bynes #30 – This chick has been an HDH here on Thunder Treats, she has also been bat shit crazy as of late. Both retiring and trying to find a lost dog on Twitter isn’t something normal people do. However, she does get props for her twitpics. Realistic Ranking = 40-50

The Most Underrated Women of the 2011 Hot 100

iglesiasMelanie Iglesias #100 – Are. You. Kidding. Me? Did they even look at this girls pictures? My God, she has been one of the most beloved Hump Day Hotties and a virtual shoe-in for Hump Day Hottie of the year and they are going to put her at 100? Every name above is higher than her. Think about that! Realistic Ranking = 10-20

whelanNicky Whelan #92
– Nicky has a body that SCREAMS “body shots”. Another beloved HDH, Nicky’s pictorials are some of the best you can find. Plus she is Austrailian! How do you put Lea Michele or Lindsay Lohan in front of this? Realistic Ranking = 15-25

andrewsErin Andrews #91
– Someone needs fired over this. It’s EA! In the ninties? How she is north of 50 is mind boggling. Realistic Ranking = 25-35

bairdDiora Baird #76 – Diora is a babe in every sense of the word. She is curvaciously hot and has a sense of humor too! Total package. Trust me, just follow her on Twitter you won’t be upset. You also won’t be upset if you watch Hot Tamale. Realistic Ranking = 30-40

celesteArianny Celeste #70
– Ok, if someone didn’t get fired for having EA at #91, then someone most definitely needs kicked in the balls for putting UFC ring girl extrodinaire and Playmate Arianny Celeste after Miley Cyrus. See Playboy for further explanation. Realistic Ranking = 10-20

kellyMinka Kelly #52
– This is another girl that shouldn’t be north of 30 and she is sitting at 52?! It is like someone did the rankings without pictures. Even though she is dating Derek Jeter she should still be inside of 30. Poor Lyla. Realistic Ranking = 15-25

deckerBrooklyn Decker #36
– Just the trailer for Just Go With It should put B-Deck in the top 20. The cover girl for the SI Swimsuit issue last year, there is no way on God’s green earf that Brooklyn should get beat by Taylor Swift. Realistic Ranking = 10-20

fonsecaLyndsy Fonseca #89 – Vastly underrated. And not just in Maxim, across the whole board. Lyndsy was the love interest of the young John Cusack in Hot Tub Time Machine. As they commented in the movie “she’s so tight”. Yes, she is. Realistic Ranking = 25-35

reeserAutumn Reeser #86 – Loved Reeser’s role in Entourage as Lizzy Grant. Something about her playing a sexy bitch that was captivating. She is also hotter than a past co-star that played the part of Justine Chapin. I’ll let you do the research. Realistic Ranking = 20-30

Gabrielle Union #81
– Dwyane Wade begs to differ. Gab is the total package and somehow got hosed and slotted at 81. Knock, Knock…who’s there…How the F*ck…How the F*ck who? How the F*CK is Beau Garrett before Gabrielle Union?!? Realistic Ranking = 40-50

Those are the problems I have with this years Hot 100. There are some others too that could be argued. But I will leave them up to you guys.  Below is a gallery of the above pics…


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