A 40 Picture Celebration for Tiffani Thiessen’s 40th Birthday

America’s Sweetheart, your first crush, aka Kelly Kapowski aka Tiffani Thiessen turns 40 today! The big 4-0 can only mean one thing, right? Tiffani Thiessen’s Cougar Madness eligibility has now been granted! And if you follow @DiNunz on Twitter, you know he is already gunning for her to get the #1 seed and it’s tough to argue with him.

If you are a mid-late twenty something, you undoubtedly grew up watching Tiffani and the rest of the Saved By the Bell crew. If you’re younger than that, I am sure you watched the re-runs on TBS. If you don’t fall in either category, the ENTIRE series is on Netflix right now. So go, you have some homework for the next two weeks.

Everyone else not re-watching the series from the days of Miss Bliss, enjoy the gallery of 40 pictures below, most of which came from Me in My Place, to help celebrate Tiffani Thiessen’s 40th birthday!

[nggallery id = 159]

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