The 2014 Hump Day Hottie Of The Year Nominees

Fresh off the sixth anniversary of the birth of Thunder Treats, we finish off another outstanding year bringing you a gorgeous Hump Day Hottie each and every Wednesday.

Well almost every Wednesday.

No one is perfect. I only gave you 45 Hump Day Hotties to gaze upon rather than the maximum 52. But I will say that is my best effort in the last six years. So don’t say I never did anything for you!

This year, we are going to have a fan vote that starts today, December 24, and will conclude on New Years Eve. The 2014 Hump Day Hottie of The Year will then be announced on New Years Day.

In a twist, I took the top Hump Day Hottie from each of the last 12 months and have listed them below. You can have a look at their galleries and then cast your vote for your favorite (to the right on the desktop, keep scrolling on mobile). Choose wisely, it’s nearly impossible.

January: Tianna Gregory Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 160]

February: India Reynolds Twitter

[nggallery id = 163]

March: Alana Blanchard Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id= 174]

April: Casey Batchelor Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 178]

May: Lucy Mecklenburgh Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 183]

June: Fanny Neguesha Instagram

[nggallery id = 186]

July: Helen Owen Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 193]

August: Rayla Jacunda Instagram

[nggallery id = 196]

September: Kimberley Garner Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 201]

October: Ana Cheri Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 204]

November: Sarah Stage Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 212]

December: Terann Hilow Instagram | Twitter

[nggallery id = 215]


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