The 2014 Thunder Treats Cougar Madness Tournament

It’s finally here! The SIXTH Annual Thunder Treats Cougar Madness Tournament is upon us. Let me be the first to invite you to take your glazed over eyeballs off your inevitably doomed March Madness bracket and lay them upon our best Cougar Madness bracket yet!

Every year, we run into the same predicament where there is a fresh crop of babes that turns 40 and it forces us to make the hard decision of who goes and who stays. This year was probably the hardest so far since there were so many women turning 40 (today was the deadline). For instance, TWO of the top seeds this year are rookies. Kate Beckinsale and Heidi Klum are the newest member of the 40 club. They join last years winner, Julie Bowen, and Jenny McCarthy on top of their respective regions.

one seeds

For those of you who don’t know how the rules work, the first two rounds of the March Madness Tournament will dictate the first two rounds of Cougar Madness. So for example, if Virginia craps the bed in the first round and loses to Coastal Carolina, then last years winner Julie Bowen will exit the tournament and 16 seed Amy Poehler will advance.

Get it?

After the first two rounds are complete, the remaining matchups will be voted on by all of you. Readers will vote on the Sexy 16, Erotic 8, Fantasy Four and finally the Cougar Madness Championship. When it is all said and done, we will have a new Cougar Champion.

Below is the Cougar Madness bracket which you can click to enlarge and print. Below that are all the matchups by region because I love you guys and know how much you need visual stimulation!

Enjoy and follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the Cougar Madness Tournament!

UPDATE: VOTING NOW OPEN for the Cougar Madness Sexy 16!!

UPDATE 2: VOTING NOW OPEN for the Cougar Madness Erotic 8!!

UPDATE 3: VOTING NOW OPEN for the Cougar Madness Fantasy Four!!


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