2011 Cougar Madness: Sexy 16

HURLEY-LANEWe are down to just 16 cougars! Now it is time for all of you to join in on the fun. The first two rounds results were determined by the cougars coressponding seeded team in the tourney and because of that, we had some major upsets.

The only number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament not to make it to the Sweet 16 was Pittsburgh. So Jennifer Aniston has the Panthers to thank for her early exit from Cougar Madness. Halle Berry (Notre Dame) should be frustrated too. VCU’s incredible run has helped a very deserving Julie Bowen reach the Sexy 16 where she is meeting up with the equally hot Kristin Davis. There are two 2 vs. 3 matchups that I think are too close to call. Monica Bellucci vs. Lucy Liu in the West region and Heather Graham vs. Vanessa Marcil in the South. Naomi Campbell (Marquette) is on an improbable run but I think she will be stopped in her tracks by the 2009 Cougar Madness Champion, Mary-Louise Parker.

Voting is now open! So make sure to vote for your favorite cougar in each of the matchups! Help your babe get to the Erotic 8!  Voting for the Sexy 16 will conclude at 11:30am on Friday, March 25.  Later that Day voting will open up for the next round!

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