Youngstown Born Youngstown Bread

7,200 people packed into the Youngstown Chevy Centre last night to cheer on Kelly Pavlik in his fight against Rubio. Most expected an early round knockout from the champ but it went a full 9 rounds before Rubio’s corner called pussy and threw in the towel. A lot of ppv buyers expected much more.

As I made everyone aware of in my post last week to pay attention to Jake Giuriceo on the undercard making his pro debut against Micheal Suarez. Giuriceo stole the show early on and like I predicted he knocked him the fuck out (see below). Giuriceo came out firing with fast paced combos to the body. The fight ended 0:53 of the second round on a straight right hand right to the chin of Suarez after a questionable blow to the back of the head. Don’t piss him off (strutherswhatsup). Jake will continue taking on anyone they put in front of him after an impressive debut in front of a hometown crowd.



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