With the 5th pick in the 2009 draft the Cleveland Browns select…

For Browns fans the last weekend of every April seems to be that time of year where your heads are held highest. A time of year when it was a near certainty that a Browns draft picks career will quickly and painfully end in the city of Cleveland. Its the time of year where a top 10 draft pick is almost inevitable. (See 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007) Often being referred as the Mel Kiper of my generation, I’m here to share some knowledge to all of you Cleveland Browns fans.
For years the Browns have wasted high draft picks and big money to players like Tim Couch, Gerard Warren, Willie Green (I’d smoke with him anyday)and who can forget Chaun Thompson of West Texas A&M… I know Zampini hasn’t. But as of late the Browns have changed that tradition with players like Joe Thomas and Braylon Edwards. (When he doesn’t try to catch the ball like Freddie Mitchell aka FredEX)
After another disappointing season… what a surprise, right? The Browns are sitting in the 5 spot with a chance to help out their team in a big way in Eric “Mangenius” first season at the helm. You Browns fans can be certain their is a defensive playmaker to be taken and his name is NOT Malcolm Jenkins. 
Everette Browns from Florida State is the defensive pass rusher the Browns need to fill Grandpa McGinest spot in the starting lineup and he will show us all why at the combine. With the 5th pick the Browns have the chance to take a player that can change their defense as fast as a south gust from TJ can close out your barrel.
BUT…. Don’t get your hopes up Browns fans I’m certain you’ll be drafting near the top of the draft again next year.

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