With the 21st pick in 2009 draft, Montreal Alouettes select…

I’m man enough to admit when I have been a little, tiny bit wrong. Despite what I have been saying for the last 2 years, Tim Tebow is one best leaders I have ever seen on the college football field. The way he gets his team hyped up and ready to go is quite a site to see. I never have liked Tebow. I think it all started because I liked Chris Leak (pre-beating the shit out of the Buckeyes) and I think he got the shaft from all those khaki and sundress wearing poopdicks Florida calls their fans. From the time Tebow was a freshman, they would chant his name during games, begging for him to get in. How much confidence does that put in your starting quarterback? That lack of confidence will eventually bring down the whole teams confidence. I think my dislike came because here was a kid getting all the attention because he was a big dumb idiot sideshow and you have a quarterback in Chris Leak who went 29-9 as a starter with a National Championship and they are throwing him to the side for no reason. I think my dislike for Tim Tebow has started to fade however. Maybe it’s the fact that Ohio State hasn’t had to play him when he is the starter or maybe I am just growing up (Ha). I think the real reason is because he isn’t a bad guy. How do hate on a missionary? I would also say because the kid is an amazing football player. Now I know, and I would assume he knows, that he will not be a first or second round (or third or fourth) pick in the NFL draft. He is not an NFL quarterback. He might be an NFL tight end, but we’ll have to wait that one out. With that being said, I think it would be one of the dumbest moves for Tebow to enter the draft. If he stays he has the potential to become the most decorated college football player ever. Why not stay one more year, get your degree and then move on to the NFL or your career? Although, if past Florida quarterbacks are any indication of what’s to come, you may want to start looking towards the latter. Look at Danny Wuerffel, the dude won the 1996 heisman, then went undrafted and had a 7 year, 4 team “career” in the NFL. Chris Leak was a heisman candidate that led his team to a National Championship victory and then went undrafted and never played a snap in the NFL. Jesse Palmer was nothing more than a backup for 4 years in the NFL. Rex Grossman…I don’t think I need to elaborate on Sexy Rexy. It seems as though if you are a great quarterback who only wants to play college ball and have his schooling paid for without having to go to the NFL, then University of Florida is the right fit for you. What I am trying to say I guess is that Tebow should stay and enjoy playing football for one more season, because after that he will trade his cleats for dress shoes.

P.S. I was slightly off with my prediction of the game, then again if I were any good at betting I would have enough money to pay someone write my posts for me.

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