Wisconsin’s Ryan Evans Used a Jump Shot for his Free Throw

I understand that you have to do whatever you feel comfortable with at the line.  I even understand that you must do whatever you can to help your team win.  What I cannot understand is how either one of those things involves turning your free throw attempt into a jump shot.  That is exactly what Wisconsin’s Ryan Evans did against Nebraska Tuesday night.

I am baffled by this free throw attempt, but he is shooting 38% from the line this season, so maybe it was time to try something new.  However, I probably would have gone with the granny shot rather than the jumper, but that’s just me.  And it’s not just his free throws that are suffering, he is also only shooting 39% from the field and I won’t even get into his 3 point percentage, which is lower than Kate Moss’ body fat percentage.  Remember that this year if you bet on march madness, especially since Bracketology has them (5 seed) pitted against the very dangerous (12 seed) Akron Zips as of right now.


Still though, Wisconsin is on a 3 game win streak and winners of the 6 of the last 7.  They are getting their momentum right when it counts.  But we also must remember that they are playing in the Big Ten which has proven to be more unpredictable than Lindsay Lohan in a jewelry store.  This potential 5 seed was knocked off by an unranked Minnesota team 2 weeks ago who also beat Indiana 2 days ago.  Last night, Penn State beat #4 Michigan for their FIRST victory in Big Ten Play.  I couldn’t figure out the Big Ten if you paid me.

Nice flat-top, btw.

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