Week 7 NFL Pick Em Results

Week 7 is in the books and quite oddly no Thunder Treat’s author had the same results for this week. We finished as follows:

JEB 11-2
Sahli 10-3
Dubz 9-4
Sahli 8-5
Dilo 7-6

At this point of the season we now have 2 Thunder Treats authors, Sahli and JEB, at the top with an overall score of 74-29. This ties top ESPN analyst Adam Schefter coming in at the same mark. So Cal has a 69-34 mark, with Dilo and Dubz coming one game behind at 68-35. Again, we must point out ESPN bum analyst Eric Allen is at 64-39. Good work Eric, you still suck ass.

ESPN Expert Week 7 Results

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