Week 4 NFL Pick Em Results vs ESPN Analysts

Well folks, we are 4 weeks into the NFL season and the NFL picks are starting to take shape. Thunder Treats had a great week with JEB coming in first place with a 12-2 week, Dilo and Sahli went 11-3 while So Cal Shredder and yours truly posted a 10-4 mark. After 4 weeks we wanted to see how we stacked up against our friends at ESPN and their expert picks.

Week 4 Results (TT members in Bold)

JEB 12-2
Mortensen 12-2
Jaws 11-2 (Doesn’t pick MNF)
Dilo 11-3
Sahli 11-3
Schefter 11-3
Schlereth 11-3
Wickersham 11-3
ESPN Accuscore 11-3
Dubz 10-4
Hoge 10-4
So Cal Shredder 10-4
ESPN Pigskin Pick’em 10-4
Golic 9-5
Allen 8-6

Totals Through Week 4

Mortensen 48-14
Schefter 46-16
JEB 45-17
Sahli 45-17
ESPN Accuscore 45-17
ESPN Pigskin Pick ’em 45-17
Golic 43-18
So Cal Shredder 43-19
Dilo 43-19
Schlereth 43-19
Wickersham 43-19
Hoge 43-19
Jaworski 42-16 (Doesn’t pick MNF)
Dubz 41-21
Allen 39-23

As you can see, Thunder Treats is doing a great job against the ESPN experts. I am doing my best Cleveland Browns impression holding up the basement, but I am not all the way at the bottom. Eric Allen, you get paid to do this. In the words of the Monday Night Football Crew, C’MON MAN!

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