Week 2 NFL Pick Em Results

Much like most of the games of week 2, our picks sucked. Alot of the games didn’t turn out the way everyone expected, which is shown in our week 2 paltry winning score of 9-7 by Sahli and So Cal Shredder. All of the authors at Thunder Treats have a 21-11 record through 2 weeks this year, except for myself coming in at 20-12. So far this year, we are trailing most of the analysts at ESPN. ESPN Expert Picks. Somehow Chris Mortensen went 11-5 last week but in all fairness, he has an advantage because everyone else didn’t have a 24 day NFL training camp tour to get all the inside information. Look at the bright side, Jaws joins us in the basement at 19-11, but don’t forget he doesn’t pick Monday Night Football since he does call the games. Check back on Friday for our Week 3 picks.

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