Week 17 NFL Pick Em Final Results

NFL Pick Em Final Results
Well the 2009 NFL Season is in the books and we had one hell of a contest down the stretch. Congratulations to Sahli for his 180 and 76 record and his 1 game win over JEB at 179 and 77. Dilo and Dubz tied with a 172 and 84 record while So Cal came in last place at 167 and 89. Not only was Sahli the Thunder Treats champion, but up against the ESPN experts, he is the champion of it all. Going into week 17 Sahli had a 3 game lead over the closest ESPN expert. Since he only had 2 lossess this week, we can declare Sahli the champion of it all. I tried to find the results for the ESPN experts but they are no where to be found. Maybe they got wind that some boys from Youngstown Ohio embaressed them all. Who knows maybe there is a glitch in the site, but the results are gone. Nonetheless, Congrats to St. Ruthers Ohio native Sahli on his 2009 NFL Pickem Championship.
Also, check back soon as Sahli tries to maintain his thunder in the Thunder Treats NFL Playoff Pick Em.

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