Was Lane Kiffin Pulled From the Team Bus and Fired in the Parking Lot of LAX?

Lane Kiffin had to know he was on the hot seat in Southern Cal after the implosion that was last year’s entire season and especially after getting walloped by Arizona State on Saturday night, 62-41.  In fact, during the third quarter of the game Saturday night, USC’s Athletic Director Pat Haden met with advisors at Sun Devil Stadium and made the decision to terminate Lane Kiffin.

The details of how the firing went down were recapped by Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News on his Twitter feed, USC Insider, and they seem a bit ruthless.  Then again, this is a coach that took his number 1 preseason team to 7-6 last year, so I guess he had it coming.

The USC Insider Twitter account also recounts the players initial reactions as they were informed of the demise of their head coach.

After leaving Tennessee in a lurch 4 years ago and jetting off to Southern Cal, a lot of people are saying that Karma had everything to do with this.  I tend to agree.

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