Vikings Waive Goodbye to Moss


Eccentric wide receiver Randy Moss has reportedly been waived by the Minnesota Vikings after playing in just 4 games for the club.  In those 4 games, Moss had 13 receptions for 174 yards and two touchdowns.  On Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots he recorded only 1 catch for 8 yards.  After said loss, Moss had some critical comments that may have fueled the Vikings decision to waive him.  In the interview he repeatedly talks of how he misses the Patriots and refers to Belichick as the greatest coach of all time.  Check here for Pro Football Talk’s take on his post game press conference.


According to PFT, Moss would now be subject to leave waiver rules and could be claimed by any team.  Since the Bills have the worst record they would have the opportunity to go after him first.  Whichever team, if any, that goes after Moss would be responsible for his $6.4 million dollar remaining salary.  If Moss does not get picked up by another team, the Vikings would be responsible for paying the remaining salary



Moss was granted permission to stay behind in New England to visit family after the game and as of 3:00 PM ET, sources say Moss was unaware that he had been released.


With so many teams in the NFL struggling right now, would it make sense for them to go after a future hall of famer?  Do the pros with Randy Moss outweigh the cons?

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