[VIDEO] Saturday Night Live takes on the Penn State scandal

Saturday Night Live loves to poke fun at pop culture in America and around the world and this past Saturday was no different.  It would seem like a touchy topic to diss, but Saturday Night Live handled addressing the Penn State Scandal as well as possible.

Jason Sudeikis appeared on Weekend Update with Seth Meyers as the Devil and believed the scandal involved recruiting violations by the football team.  He was shocked when Seth whispered to him what the actual allegations were.

“I’m the prince of darkness, but I’m not a monster! This is awful. I’m sorry about my reaction, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.”

Seth can’t believe he doesn’t know about the scandal and he asks him where he gets his news. “I follow Kutcher on Twitter! It’s usually enough—my man’s plugged in”.

This was an obvious knock on Kutcher who made some ill informed tweets in the wake of the firing of Joe Paterno. The Devil went on to address the kids at Penn State that rioted, telling them to move out the way of this whole thing.  The skit ends with the Devil quitting his job because he can’t believe how evil Jerry Sandusky had been.

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