VIDEO: Here’s All 14 Klay Thompson Record-Breaking 3-pointers

The Golden State Warriors imposed their will on the Chicago Bulls on Monday night. The team, as a whole, set an franchise record for most three-pointers in a game with 24 en route to scoring a staggering 92 points by halftime.

I’ll be using more italics later.

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson started the 2018 campaign with a harder slump than Quasimodo. All of that got erased last night when he put on a shooting clinic, hitting an NBA record 14 (!) three-pointers in one game, passing some girl named Steph Curry.

No wait.

I mean three quarters.

Now let me tell you the funny part. When I first saw the news, I saw the picture first. And when I saw the picture first, I thought it was JaVale McGee and I thought the world was ending.

Crisis averted.

Fit them for their rings.

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